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Online Webinar

  • Date:
    Sat, 18 Jul 2020
  • Time:
    5pm - 6pm
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    Free registration
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FAMILY 365 is a suite of complimentary one to two-hour Family Life Education programmes available for workplaces and community touchpoints. The programmes cover four key areas - Family Life, Marriage, Parenting and Personal Work-Life.

Join us each month for free online webinars conducted by our panel of Family Life Educators on various topics to strengthen your family life.


• “Why do I always have to listen to you?”
• “You don’t understand me…”
• “You cannot force me…”

These statements reflect real-life tensions that frequently take place between parents and their children. Such conflicts are normal. Yet unless parents and children learn the art and science of constructive management and resolution of conflicts, they can be detrimental to healthy family life.

This workshop explores the cause and effect of conflicts; studies the different ways of conflict management and proposes practical steps to deal with emotions and tensions beneficially.

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