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这是一个很实际的课程,帮助父母正确地管教孩子, 建立良好的亲子关系,让孩子身心灵健康的成长。


课程内容 : 
• 分析教养类型
• 如何建立关系与孩子沟通
• 如何管教孩子
• 管教的原则与技巧

Best Parenting Series – Parenting Tweens (pre-teens) (Mandarin Talk)

This programme will provide information, skills and support that parents need, for their own health and well-being and for that of their children.

(Suitable for parents with children aged 7 - 12 years old)

• To equip parents with a set of principles and skills to interact effectively with their children, and to help improve their children’s psychosocial development.
• To teach parents a set of well-founded knowledge about effective parenting.
• To enhance the participants’ self-esteem as parents and also remove some presupposed beliefs about parenting that may be unhelpful.

CDAC Parenting Talk Poster 13 Jan 2018