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43 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01
Singapore 099010

  • Opening hours:
    Mon, Tue & Thu - Sun:
    9am – 9.30pm
    First flight: 10.30am
    Last flight 9.30pm
    Wed: 11.00am - 9.30pm
    First flight: 12pm
    Last flight: 9.30pm
  • Price:
  • Enquiry Hotline:
    6571 0000
  • Suitable for:
    Family, Couples, Teenagers
  • Facilities:
    Changing Rooms, Eateries, Parking, Wheelchair Friendly

Most of us have dreamt about soaring effortlessly through the air and experiencing the exhilarating rush only free falling can bring. Concerns about safety as well as cost can discourage many families from actually exploring this activity further.  

A Great Indoor Adventure

iflyHowever, with iFly Singapore, flying has never been easier and more affordable for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you're a first-timer or a professional flyer, whether you are 7 or 70, you can make your dream come true as long as you meet iFly Singapore’s safety requirements.

As part of the experience, which lasts for about one and a half hours, you will receive professional training and guidance from certified instructors, complimentary skydiving gear rental and experience true free-fall conditions at one-fifth of the cost of a tandem jump.

Think it may lack the oomph visually? Think again! Spanning 5m wide and 17m tall, it is the only skydiving simulator so far with an 5.5m tall acrylic glass wall that allows flyers to enjoy an unparalleled view of South China Sea and Siloso Beach. Also, should you choose to take flight at night, the laser lights from Sentosa's Wings of Time performance are likely to be a highlight of your visual experience. 

Experiencing Free Fall

iflyUpon arrival, get prepped to check-in for your flight. The entire body flight facility is themed like an airport terminal and offers a consumer flight journey - minus the hassle. You will first be shown videos to prepare you and then there will be a coaching session with your instructor for the day. Here you will be taught the correct posture during flight, as well as important hand signals that will help your instructor communicate with you. Once done with the technicalities, you can then get geared up in your skydiving suits, ear plugs, goggles and helmet.

Watching participants fly right in front of you in the waiting area is exhilarating, but nothing can  beat experiencing it for yourselves! The flying experience itself is sensational. You lean forward into a wind speed of approximately 170km/h, which pretty much guarantees that you will be picked up fast, and once that happens, you will really feel at one with the wind. Every slight movement would allow you to change directions in a blink of an eye, or be sent tumbling. Safety is not an issue as the instructor always has an eye on you. He will make sure that your posture is right, and encourage you to smile goofily at the camera. The best part of it all has to be the fly spin, where the instructor holds on to you and you soar up together in graceful circles. 

Something Everyone in the Family Can Enjoy

This experience is not only heart racingly thrilling, but it is also a full body workout. You may not feel it while flying, but you're certainly toning those muscles during flight. For a weekend of exciting activities with your loved ones, you might like to include iFly Singapore in your to-do list. Our only fear is that one go might not be enough!