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A recent “Family Bonds” survey conducted by the Families for Life (FFL) Council found that the top 3 priorities for Singaporeans are:

  • Family (92%)
  • Health (80%) 
  • Financial Stability (78%)

FFL Council is working with community partners to introduce FAMILY 365+, an enhancement of the existing suite of family life education programmes under FAMILY365.

The new FAMILY 365+ initiative comprises of a suite of programmes which aim to equip families with more in-depth knowledge and specialised skills in the areas of elder care and health. The range of 1-to-2.5 hour programmes will be conducted by experts and certified trainers.

In partnership with:
TTSH Families for Care

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Media Literacy Council


TTSH Families for Care
(An initiative by Tan Tock Seng Hospital)

Families for Care, in collaboration with Families for Life, offers elderly care and health programmes conducted by Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s healthcare specialists and community partners. The programmes aim to motivate and empower participants to take charge of their health, well-being and family life.

About Families for Care

Families for Care, a programme framework by Tan Tock Seng Hospital, aims to co-design person-centric health programmes and resources in accordance to the needs and feelings of our patients, families and the community. We support the collective movement to build strong, resilient and healthy families.


  • More programmes coming soon



(A collaboration between MoneySENSE and Singapore Polytechic)

As part of ongoing outreach efforts to educate the public, MoneySENSE has partnered with the Institute of Financial Literacy to provide free talks and workshops on basic money management, financial planning and personal investing to the public. If your organisation would like a complimentary talk to be conducted for your community/staff (at your premises), please contact Institute of Financial Literacy at:


Telephone: 6870 8383

About Institute for Financial Literacy

The Institute for Financial Literacy is a collaboration between MoneySENSE (a national financial education programme by our government). We provide Complimentary and unbiased financial education programmes to working adults with the objectives of helping them acquire knowledge and skills to attain higher levels of financial literacy and financial well-being. We help people make informed financial decisions.

For more information on Institute for Financial Literacy, visit their website at




*NEW*Media Literacy Council

The Media Literacy Council works in partnership with industry, community and government to champion and develop public education and awareness programmes relating to media literacy and cyber wellness.


  • More programmes coming soon