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Priming Your Teen to Become a Responsible Adult
Parent-Child Relationships, Teenage Issues, Disciplining

Priming Your Teen to Become a Responsible Adult

​Instilling a sense of responsibility in your teen can be a challenging prospect. Nonetheless, it is an important value to impart so that they can become capable, productive adults. 

view count 466 3 Months ago
A parent's approach to social media
Teenage Issues, Parent-Child Relationships, Disciplining

A parent's approach to social media

Like everything, social media can be a boon or bane. What is the best approach to take with your child? What rules about social media should you have?

view count 9373 10 Months ago
Raising Self Reliant and Respectful Teens
Parent-Child Relationships, Disciplining

Raising self-reliant and respectful teens

​Want your children to be respectful and self-reliant? Here are some practical tips to help you get started on inculcating these values in your children from young!

view count 11709 1 Year ago
Teach Your Kids About Strangers
Child Education, Disciplining

Teaching Your Kids About Strangers

​What are some of the basic safety rules that every child should know and follow when strangers approach them?

view count 21937 1 Year ago
Ignore It Book Cover
Child Development, Disciplining, Parent-Child Relationships, Teenage Issues

Ignore It!

​Do you often find yourself in a constant battle of power with your child only to come out of it defeated and exhausted? Packed with practical tips and step-by-step methods, Ignore It! is the go-to book for parents looking for effective strategies to increase parenting satisfaction and improve parent-child relationships.

view count 1273 1 Year ago
Parenting Stress No More
Family Issues, Disciplining

Parenting Stress No More!

​Parents today juggle many commitments, which may add to the stress of parenting. Find out how parents can better manage this stress.

view count 3673 1 Year ago
Little girl sobbing
Child Development, Disciplining, Parent-Child Relationships

Helping Your Child Develop Self Control

FFL Contributor Chin Hock shares his tips based on his own experiences as a parent of 3 young children, on fostering self-control and discipline in your children.

view count 11183 1 Year ago
Parents arguing behind a frustrated daughter
Disciplining, Teenage Issues, Communication

Will A Clash In Parenting Style Affect Marriages?

What are the implications when your parenting style clashes with your spouse’s, and how can such clashes be avoided?

view count 3045 2 Years ago
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