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The love of reading is key to success
Child Development, Child Education

The love of reading is key to success

​Reading is a strong indicator of a child’s future success even if it’s on a digital device, as long as the child is self-motivated. Why not gift a digital book on their next birthday?​

view count 1489 11 Months ago
Transitioning from Primary to Secondary Education
Child Education, School Matters, Child Development

Transitioning from Primary to Secondary Education

​Your child will be taking his/her PSLE soon and before you know it, they will be moving on to the next phase of their education journey – Secondary. What’s your role as parents in supporting your child through this transition? 

view count 3495 11 Months ago
Study Smart or Study Hard
Child Education, School Matters, Teenage Issues

Study Smart or Study Hard

Here are ​5 tips for parents on how to help children study for the upcoming examinations

view count 3535 11 Months ago
NLB May Book Recommendation
Child Development, Child Education, School Matters, Parent-Child Relationships

Book Recommendations for May 2018

Check out these good reads for children and teens recommended by the National Library Board!​

view count 845 1 Year ago
Child and Mum reading
Child Development, Family Bonding, Child Education

Cultivating a Reading Habit in Your Young Child

Help make reading an enjoyable habit for your child.

view count 5523 1 Year ago
Teach Your Kids About Strangers
Child Education, Disciplining

Teaching Your Kids About Strangers

​What are some of the basic safety rules that every child should know and follow when strangers approach them?

view count 21937 1 Year ago
Preparing Your Child for Secondary One
Child Education, School Matters

Preparing Your Child for Secondary One

​Help your child get ready for a new year in a new school​!

view count 1952 1 Year ago
Teen reading a book
Teenage Issues, School Matters, Child Development, Child Education

Reading to Engage Your Secondary School-Going Kid

​Reconnect with your teenager through a love of reading.

view count 1774 1 Year ago
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