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Secure Your Family’s Future with 3 Easy Tips
Family Planning, Money Matters

Secure Your Family's Future with 3 Easy Tips

​Ensuring financial security for your family is not an easy job, especially with the responsibility of child-raising and safeguarding ourselves against emergencies. We invite two experts to advise how couples can work towards securing their future.

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Planning for your Golden Years as a Couple
Money Matters

Planning for your Golden Years as a Couple

​You spent years caring and focusing on your children. Now that they have grown up and are independent, couples need to plan for their years ahead and ensure their retirement funds are as sustainable as can be. 

view count 1626 9 Months ago
3 key issues for newly-weds or soon-to-be-married couples
Newlyweds, Family Planning, In-Laws, Money Matters

3 key issues for newly-weds or soon-to-be-married couples

​For soon-to-be-married or newly-wed couples, marriage is the start of a new chapter where you will probably find yourself making some adjustments in your life. Here are 3 top issues you need to have an open discussion with your partner to give your marriage a strong start.

view count 1084 10 Months ago
FFL Marriage Poll 2016 Results
Commitment, Communication, Money Matters, Newlyweds

Key Findings from Marriage Poll 2016

Here are some key findings from the FFL Marriage Poll 2016 which was conducted between January and February 2016 to gauge attitudes towards marriage.

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A couple looking upset over money matters
Money Matters, Communication

Why You Should Talk to Your Spouse about Money

​Being able to talk about and plan your financial future together is important.  Learn how you can do this better.

view count 1374 3 Years ago
Wooden blocks spelling out the word "Home"
Newlyweds, Money Matters, Marriage Preparation

Planning For Your First Home Together

Being financially prudent when you plan for your first home will allow you to focus on building a strong and happy marriage without financial worries.

view count 4630 4 Years ago
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