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Building Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage
Intimacy, Communication

Building Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage

What is emotional intimacy and how to build an emotional connection with your spouse?

view count 35189 2 Years ago
A couple showing public affection on a bench
Intimacy, Communication

6 Ways Of PDA and What It Really Says About Your Marriage

Actions do speak louder than words. Show your love for your spouse the right way.

view count 6528 3 Years ago
A happy couple having a conversation
Intimacy, Communication, Growing your relationship

5 Daily Things to Say to Strengthen Your Marriage

Say these 5 simple things daily to bind your marriage and keep the flame burning.

view count 6162 3 Years ago
A couple looking at each other and smiling
Communication, Intimacy, Growing your relationship

Habits for Deeper Intimacy in Marriages

Forming good relationship habits can help foster a deeper intimacy. Dr. Huang Wei-Jen, keynote speaker of Marriage Convention 2017, shared his “Daily Big 7” rituals to establish and strengthen the connection between married couples.

view count 14290 3 Years ago
An elderly couple holding hands
Commitment, Growing your relationship, Intimacy

Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Renewing your wedding vows and saying to each other "I Still Do" allows you to focus on what's most meaningful to you in your marriage and to re-affirm your commitment to each other.

view count 5864 3 Years ago
Growing your relationship, Intimacy

Courting Your Spouse

Ignite and keep the passion in your marriage burning strongly with sparks of courtship.

view count 4994 3 Years ago
A couple cooking together
Growing your relationship, Intimacy

Marriage Tips: Public Display of Affection (PDA) Redefined

Redefining PDA. Here’s how healthy public displays of affection can benefit both your marriage and family.

view count 4964 3 Years ago
A father and mother kissing their baby
Growing your relationship, Intimacy, Family Planning

Through Thick And Thin — And Kids — We Still Do

The progress from couplehood to parenthood marks one that is full of challenge. Learn how you can overcome them.

view count 2440 3 Years ago
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