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Role of Grandmas and Grandpas
Grandparenting, 3 Generation Family

Role of Grandmas and Grandpas

​The role of grandparents and the place they have in children’s lives.

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We Love You Grandpa, Grandma!
Family Bonding, 3 Generation Family, Grandparenting

We Love You Grandma, Grandpa!

Here are ​5 W​ays to show how much we love our grands in the week of Children's Day as part of Celebrating Our Grands

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"Celebrating Our Grands" Day on 6 October
3 Generation Family, Grandparenting, Family Bonding

"Celebrating our Grands" Day in October

Celebrate the bond between grandchildren and their grandparents with "Celebrating our Grands" Day in October!

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A multigeneration family of five
3 Generation Family, Family Bonding, Grandparenting

Questions for Kids to Ask Their Grandparents

Parents play a vital role in initiating conversations and strengthening bonds between grandparents and the children!

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The Balance Between Grandparenting and Parenting
3 Generation Family, Grandparenting, Parent-Child Relationships, Disciplining

The Balance Between Grandparenting and Parenting

Everyone comes into parenthood differently. As you become a grandparent, your support and knowledge matters in your child’s parenting journey.

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Happy grandparents and grandchild
Family Bonding, 3 Generation Family, Grandparenting

7 Things Grandparents Would Love to Hear

Make Grandpa and Grandma feel loved and valued by showing your appreciation to them. Here are 7 things they woud love to hear from you.

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Extended Family Members
Family Bonding, Grandparenting, 3 Generation Family

Quality Time With The Extended Family Isn’t Just For Fun

Spending quality time with the extended family has many benefits beyond fun! Here are the reasons why and how to have family time with the extended family.

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A grandfather with two granddaughters looking at a tablet devide
Grandparenting, Family Bonding, 3 Generation Family, Parent-Child Relationships

Grandparents, Get Social with Your Grandkids

Grandparents, here are some ways to stay connected to your family and grandchildren on social media.

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