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Simple Ways to Get Artsy with Kids
Parent-Child Relationships, Child Development

Simple Ways to Get Arsty with Kids

​Exposing your child to the Arts is not only beneficial for their development but a good way to bond with your young ones! Read on to learn how to get started!

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Tonsils and Adenoids in Children: When Should They Be Removed?
Health Matters, Child Nutrition

Tonsils and Adenoids in Children: When Should They Be Removed?

​Tonsils and adenoids: What exactly are they?​

view count 56 1 Week ago
Raising Self Reliant and Respectful Teens
Parent-Child Relationships, Disciplining

Raising self-reliant and respectful teens

​Want your children to be respectful and self-reliant? Here are some practical tips to help you get started on inculcating these values in your children from young!

view count 4486 2 Weeks ago
NLB May Book Recommendation
Child Development, Child Education, School Matters, Parent-Child Relationships

Book Recommendations for May 2018

Check out these good reads for children and teens recommended by the National Library Board!​

view count 184 1 Month ago
Child and Mum reading
Child Development, Family Bonding, Child Education

Cultivating a Reading Habit in Your Young Child

Help make reading an enjoyable habit for your child.

view count 2965 2 Months ago
Tips for Dual Career Parents
Family Issues, New Parents

Tips for Dual Career Parents

Tips for Dual Career parents to navigate the tradeoffis between work life and family commitments!

view count 5189 2 Months ago
how to Choose Toys for Your One Year Old
Child Development

How to Choose Toys for Your 1 Year Old

Choose the right toys for your one year old to challenge their fast-developing mental skills! 

view count 1973 2 Months ago
Teach Your Kids About Strangers
Child Education, Disciplining

Teaching Your Kids About Strangers

​What are some of the basic safety rules that every child should know and follow when strangers approach them?

view count 18121 2 Months ago
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