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Many married couples have the misconception that children tend to add friction to marriages.  However, another way to look at it is that marriage is like a garden and each child is like a flower.

Silence is not Golden; Praise your Spouse

You may have started to take things for granted after knowing each other for so long. The arrival of children makes it worse; you are simply too busy for the niceties.

Show your appreciation by complimenting your spouse on their positive qualities. Communicate love and respect through the power of touch. Simple physical encouragement like handholding or a pat on the back goes a long way.

Make Couple Time for Yourselves

Time is free. But time is also priceless. Money cannot buy something as precious as time. The most valuable gift you can give yourselves is to make time to date each other again. From nappy changing to chauffeuring duties, you hardly have time to breathe, let alone spend time together.

Set aside time for date nights even if it can only happen once a fortnight. Check in with relatives or parents to see if they could help you babysit for one night so you could catch a movie together or even just have a nice simple dinnerand just talk. Having this alone time, just the two of you, can do wonders for the relationship. Take the opportunity to reconnect with your spouse, talk through any disagreements you may have had recently, and recharge the relationship. 

Romance does not have to end just because you have an extra member of the family to care for now!

Most importantly, remember, you are playing for the same team - a Happy Family!

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