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Is Covid-19 messing with your plans for Mother’s Day? Don’t let the extended circuit breaker steal mum’s thunder! While being confined indoors limits the things we can do for her, research suggests that mums are more likely to appreciate the experience of bonding as a family, rather than the gift itself.

If mum cannot leave the house for some loving, why not bring the loving to her? Creating meaningful experiences for mum throughout the day is bound to make her feel special and loved. Here are 5 great ways to do so that is guaranteed to last longer than those flowers you had in mind.

1. Families for Life presents “Homemade for Mums”

Spend precious time bonding as a family with Families for Life’s “Homemade for Mums” show happening on Facebook Live on Sunday, 10 May 2020 at 8pm – an All-Star show filled with laughter, music and heartfelt tributes! Don’t forget to post your dedication to mum with the hashtag #FFLMothersDay and both you and mum could win exciting prizes! Check our Facebook page for more details.

2. You can never have too much soap

Wash, rinse, repeat! - the ongoing mantra these days, no thanks to Covid-19. Gifting mum a package of antibacterial scented soaps will not only keep her smelling great but also protects her from harmful germs and bacteria especially during this virus outbreak. But don’t just buy them, make some homemade soap with mum on Mother’s Day as a bonding activity.

3. Create a photo wall for the living room

Too many photos taking up space in your phone’s gallery? Being holed up at home gives the whole family a perfect opportunity to sieve through photos together and print the ones that hold the best memories. Then, create simple picture frames together out of recycled materials you can find at home.

Reminisce and bond as you hang up the frames on the living room wall to create a photo collage – a lasting memory to commemorate a Mother’s Day celebrated under unique circumstances.

4. Give mom a health boost

A global pandemic is a good time as any to look out for mum’s health. Products such as vitamins and supplements packaged into a basket is a great gift idea. As you unpack the items together, look at each one carefully and help mum plan a nutritional timetable – something that fits into her very busy schedule. Making sure mum sticks to the timetable daily will ensure she stays nourished and fit for a long time.

5. Build a terrarium together

Out with the old, and in with the new! A beautiful floral bouquet is a timeless gift, but why not bond through a terrarium building exercise instead? The health benefits of terrariums cannot be discounted as we struggle with cabin fever during this extended circuit breaker. From purifying and humidifying the air indoors, to lowering heart rates while giving you a mental boost – the list goes on. So, give mum the gift of time as you immerse yourselves in some relaxing terrarium gardening.