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21 Jurong Town Hall Rd, Singapore 609433

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    10am - 6pm daily, 10am - 7pm on public and school holidays
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How about planning a birthday party with a difference? Instead of playing in our great, but admittedly, hot weather, why don’t you organise a super-cool, super-cold party for your kids instead.

Singapore Science Centre’s Snow City offers just this opportunity. Their birthday packages include a party room, party food, entertainment and snow play within their facilities. Kids will have tons of fun playing in the snow and sliding down the slopes. You can go with a Disney Frozen movie theme, or even a Star Wars' Hoth ice planet theme. Get everyone to come dressed in costume for double the fun!

Things to Do
Of course the best fun can be had when your kids enjoy in free play, but it will be all the more interesting for them because the temperature will be below freezing – Snow City’s temperatures can go as low as -5 to -10 degrees Celsius. There is also lots of snow to play with, roll in and slide across. Each week, Snow City uses a special method which turns water into snow by using a combination of high compression and liquid nitrogen. 150 tons of snow is used to cover Snow City and 10 to 15 tons of snow are made each week. 

  • Ice Gallery
    You enter Snow City through an ice gallery which features intricately carved ice sculptures and an ice slide. 
  • Snow Slope
    The larger space features a 60 metre long snow slope which is 3 storeys high. You climb up a long flight of stairs and climb into or sit on a large rubber doughnut-shaped tube. Then with a quick shove, you’re down the slope and gathering momentum in a thrilling rush through the snow. You can probably guess that this is a super fun activity for most kids!

Helpful Tips

  • Dress for the Cold
    Snow City is cold and you need to dress for it. Whilst the party package comes with jackets for your guests, if you have any of your own, you might prefer to bring them along. Make sure that everyone comes with gloves, hats, long sleeved shirts and sweaters, closed shoes, extra socks, and jeans or leggings. 
  • And the Wet…
    Just remember that all that sliding in the snow is likely to mean wet clothes at the end of the session, so either wear waterproof pants over leggings, or bring a change of clothes for after. 
  • Better for Older Kids
    This is a party which is more appealing for older kids of about 6 years and above. Snow and ice are slippery, and sliding down the snow slope can prove to be a little scary for toddlers. If you do bring younger kids, make sure there are enough adults in the party to watch over them.