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“My uncle will be celebrating his 50th birthday soon. However, I find it difficult to find a suitable gift for him. Besides, he seems to have everything!”

Many of us may echo this sentiment, but finding an appropriate gift for a family member who seems to have everything might just be an enjoyable time of discovering more about this certain family member of yours. Here are some gift ideas to alleviate the stress and elevate the joy of the gift-sourcing process:

  • For their home, such as an aromatherapy set, indoor gardening tools or a premier coffee machine
  • For their workplace, such as a classy desk organiser, indoor plants like bonsai or succulents, chocolate or ice cream treat which they can share with their colleagues
  • For their mental and physical well-being, such as relevant books, gym membership, etc.
  • For an indulgent lifestyle, if they are not already indulging in one, such as spa treatment, a massage chair or handy massage items
  • Personalised, such as a family photo frame collage, or on a cushion (a good way to let them know that their family has got their back!)
  • Specific interest/lifestyle, such as an iTunes gift card or music CDs of a specific genre. If unsure, it’d be best to check with their immediate family members

So, get creative with a gift to make them feel extra loved and special. Even a small thoughtful gift or simple wish from you would suffice to warm their hearts…