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Parents know that celebrating the baby’s significant milestones is one of the joys of parenthood. Gaining popularity in Singapore in recent years is the 100th Day celebration. Originating from Korea and Japan, this practice used to mark a significant milestone in a baby’s life, as a baby making it to 100 days of life boded well for his or her survival, given the high rates of infant mortality back then.

While large gatherings are still prohibited, there is nothing stopping you from celebrating this milestone creatively and meaningfully! After all, the essence of this celebration is really to rejoice in your baby’s first 100 days of life. Here are five great ways to mark your baby’s 100 days without a grand party.

1. Organise a family photoshoot

At 100 days old, your baby may not remember if he or she had a lavish party or not, but a special photoshoot to mark the occasion will definitely be something to look back on and keep for life. There are many photographers who specialise in such photoshoots now, so you will definitely find one that fits your desired style and budget! Some studios even offer themed shoots that can be customised to your preferences and will make dressing up the family even more fun.

2. Take your baby out for a fun family day or weekend!

To mark your baby’s first 100 days of life on earth, do something together as a family for the first time! You can take the baby out for his or her first swim or go on a family walk at a beautiful park or the beach. If you are hoping to celebrate your baby’s 100 days with a change of scenery and some vacation vibes, you can consider booking a staycation too. Many of Singapore’s hotels are baby-friendly and have excellent amenities for you to enjoy as a family. Whatever you choose to do, remember to take plenty of photos to commemorate the special day.

3. Write a letter to your baby and create a photo album

Not all celebrations have to take place with a big bang. One of the most meaningful ways to mark your precious one’s 100th day is to write a heartfelt letter from both mummy and daddy, and compile photos from his or her first 100 days into an album or slideshow. Years down the road, your child can read the loving notes while browsing the photos.

4. Celebrate the occasion through giving

You may feel particularly thankful for your bundle of joy on such a significant day, and what better way to show this than to give back to the less fortunate in society? To make it more meaningful, you can choose to help children, to put a smile on their faces. One great way to do this is to pack and distribute fun packs filled with small treats like toys, snacks, books or clothes to children at an orphanage, or to children from underprivileged families. You can also donate some money in your baby’s name to causes for needy children to make a difference in their lives.

5. Celebrate with the grandparents

Plan an intimate party with lots of great food, decorate your place if you wish, and take lots of photos with the proud grandparents for everyone to look back on and remember the day. With just the grandparents in attendance, they will get their fill of carrying and cuddling their precious grandchild!