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  • Beat The Exam Stress With a Healthy Lifestyle!

    Counter your children’s exam stress with a healthy lifestyle. Get the know-how with these practical healthy ti

    view-count 1133 5 Days ago

    Caught in the Middle - Wife vs Mother

    Being caught in the middle in relationship issues and conflicts between his wife and mother, our contributor Tan Chin Hock, shares some suggestions in managing such situations and maintaining family harmony.

    view-count 90 1 Week ago

    15 Things Parents Should Stop Saying To Their Children

    ​Our contributor, Daniel Wong, shares tips for parents to communicate better with your tweens and teens to help build your parent-child relationship.

    view-count 75 1 Week ago

    Teenage Discipline Strategies

    ​As your children grow up, you will need to adjust your discipline strategies to keep them engaged and involved in the values which are important. 

    view-count 25 1 Week ago

    Managing Teen Anger Issues

    ​Teenagers and anger seem to go hand in hand, but as a parent you can help to address and manage their anger issues.

    view-count 22 1 Week ago

    Organising Your Financial Records - A Guide for Seniors

    ​Simplify your financial records and develop a system to keep track of them so that you can continue to manage them easily even as you grow older.

    view-count 15 1 Week ago
  • Charlotte's Web

    28 Oct - 11 Dec 201
    Weekdays – 10am Weekends and PH – 11am & 2pm

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    From $28 - $48

    10th Singapore Children's Society Lecture

    Sat, 8 Oct 2016
    10am - 11.30am

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    Free admission by registration

    Make Math A Part of Your Kid's Life

    ​Math is everywhere. Help your kids become natural mathematicians by incorporating math in your daily lives.

    view-count 5584 3 Weeks ago

    Encourage Your Kids to Learn a Second Language

    ​There are so many benefits to learning a second language. These include opening up global opportunities in the future and cognitive benefits.

    view-count 99 3 Weeks ago

    What to Do about Toddler Tantrums

    ​Understanding the triggers for your toddler's tantrums and helping them to calm down are important factors in dealing with this typical phase in every child's development. 

    view-count 83 3 Weeks ago

    Smart Baby Seminar

    Sat, 24 Sep 2016
    10am - 3pm

    view-count 78 3 Weeks ago
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    $20 per adult (bring your partner and children for
  • Can I be Your Facebook Friend Too?

    ​The key to becoming your teenager's friend on social media lies in respecting their independence whilst teaching them how to protect themselves online.

    view-count 62 3 Weeks ago

    Internet Safety and Your Kids

    Here are some safety tips to protect your kids from the dangers of the internet.

    view-count 50 3 Weeks ago

    Top Tween Discipline Tips

    ​Tweens who push the boundaries need you to  help them to manage their emotions and find appropriate ways to express themselves. 

    view-count 41 3 Weeks ago

    Coasting Along The East @ Marine Cove

    ​2 years later and our favourite hangout in the East is back! Bring the kids out for a day of fun over at Marine Cove.

    view-count 2062 3 Weeks ago
     8 Ratings

    Bounce Off

    ​Keep your kids entertained at BOUNCE Singapore! Your kids will be able to bounce off the walls without restraint here.

    view-count 1306 3 Weeks ago
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    view-count 10765 3 Weeks ago
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    Free admission
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